the project 'from scratch: a reflection in retrospect of the life of a strange herb' is based on the auto-fictional story of AE, a Black child born in a white majority society. its experiences while growing up—captured in short texts and poems—are the basis for the individual parts of the project.

the transition from childhood to adulthood itself is an adventure that everyone has to face: finding your place in society, forming relationships, and connecting with your own identity and sexuality are tasks along the way.

what is the impact of starting life in a marginalized body? what adds to the usual growing pains? the view of Black bodies in white societies extends into the private sphere. it shapes the view that young Black people have of their parents, their peers, their own surface, and ultimately their future. it is a story about dealing with racism at a young age—too young to recognize structures and yet part of the toxic system. it is a story about dealing with the shades in between. undefined insecurities.

central to the narrative is the longing for role models or simply a hero who relieves the tension and provides answers to the questions. AE will find this hero between book covers: THEY, the queer superhero who changes the way one looks at Black identity. Black beauty.

the garments in this project are dedicated to this hero; they are dedicated to the power of dressing, celebrating one's own surface, playing by one's own rules, crossing society's boundaries, and forming individual pride against all odds—because that's often what being Black is all about: loving yourself against all odds. being Black is a burden, but we wear it like a crown.

the garments are also meant to be wearable triggers to start a conversation; they carry our story. when worn by allies, they provide an opportunity to carry Black topics into white spaces. they share our story.

in addition to the garments, the scope of the project includes video works in combination with poems and a booklet. everything will be published in due time.

this journey has only just begun. this project is the beginning of a reflection, dealing with the big question of belonging—the question of home. it is meant to grow, not on a map. we remain in the intangible.

and we start—from scratch.