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photography:dora galyas 


the collection: the_private_revolution_of_the_individualists is about creating a wardrobe for people who don‘t fit into boxes. people who push boundaries to create an open minded space for themselves and others. people who give themselves the opportunity to grow by avoiding a clear allocation. 

this behavior is part of a political revolution located in the private space, in sexuality, in gender, in one‘s personal way of living.

this behavior excludes judgment and stands in total opposition to current political and social developments built upon the theory of fear. upon the construction of “we and them”. 

it is inspired by my bubble.

one of the ideas in this collection is to follow the guideline of the basic wardrobe. the pieces everyone is wearing. the uniform of my generation. their uniform they wear during their protests, the personal ones and on the streets. 

to visualize the long life process of growing and change, the possibility to change excisting opinions and conditions i translated design tools like sketches, hand written notes and working titles from the process into final items. „the road is the goal“ aims a new value if you visualize it. 


furthermore, this collection is a genderless collection. the idea that genderless fashion is, in its biggest possible freedom just doable if you change the system and existing terms. the starting point is to skip gender and to focus on the possibilities how different garments work on different bodies. this approach points to the need for solutions in the design itself. it is no longer about making the body fit in the clothes, we need to adjust the clothes to the body to give the future costumer the freedome to choose.

the screen print technique owns a big part in the fabric design of the collection. hand drawn ink sketches developed to patterns. inspired by the novel „watership down“ by richard adams, abstract rabbit eyes full of fear staring on top of a classic wool suit fabric. the fabric of the elite. next to it, the checked pattern. used as a classic screen print and as a velvet devorè.  if the observer takes a closer look, he/she might see, its a hand written note. inspired by the experiences of the migrants children, the „no_fear“ pattern is a sign to not to fear the so called stranger.

the hand knit and the experimental use of traditional knitting techniques like felting, carries the need of timeless design and the rethinking of value in it. the value of traditional craftsmanship. the luxury of time itself starts in the making. a wearable image for slow fashion. a wearable image for sustainability through making long-life garments.

cork fabric, a renewable raw material produced in europe and a viable vegan replacement for leather is another player in this game. in combination with screen prints it gains a contemporary look.

and then there is the classic white shirt, in this collection the appropriation of the symbol of the elite and the business world, new interpreted in a head to toe outfit. the visible image of integrity. 

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// the_raw_lookbook //


// 1200_editorial //


model:ali & mihriban

photography:laura schaeffer

hair & make up : naomzz

painting: amaaena 

styling_the_raw_lookbook : johanna bouvier

// the_raw_lookbook //


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