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iD international Emergine Designer Award 2020 // Finalist


Keke (momimadeit-Universal Austria) // stage outfit // Feb 2020 // Vienna

KeKe (momimadeit-Universal Austria) // stage outfit // Oct 2019 // Vienna

KeKe (momimadeit-Universal Austria) // stage outfit // Amadeus Award 2019

KlitClique // stage outfits // June 2018 Vienna

Cakes da Killa (QweenBeat NYC) // stage outfit //Hyper Reality_Wiener Festwochen //     May 2018


Group exhibition "my beautiful monstrosity_exercising my creation" at est_projects_gallery // curator_Gabi Moncayo-Asan // 10th July 2020 till 2nd Sept 2020 Vienna

Soloexhibition „welcome to my bubble“ at OneMessGallery // Sept 2017 Vienna

Group exhibition „TEASER“ // fashion performance „you are watching a family late night story“ at Schikaneder // Vienna 2016

Group exhibition „Selbstexperimente“ // fashion performance „the panoptical carousel“ at Güterhalle // Bremen 2014


Musicvideo „Donna Intro“ for KeKe (mom i made it-Universal Austria) // Styling and Costume // Oct 2019 Vienna // JuiceMagazine Premiere

Musicvideo „JUERGEN“ for STSK // Concept and Director // JuiceMagazine Premiere // June 2018 Vienna 

Musicvideo „Allein“ for Jugo Ürdens (futuresfuture) // Styling // June 2018 Vienna

Musicvideo „Carry on“ for Schönbrunner Gloriettenstürmer (futuresfuture) //Styling// June 2018 Vienna

Musicvideo „High mit dir“ for Melik // Styling and Concept // November 2017 Vienna

Musicvideo „Goldjunge“ for Shawn the Savage Kid (ShowDownRecords) 

// Styling, Costumes and Concept, Creative Direction // October 2015


Uppers & Downers Magazine // Who‘s that girl // Fashion Editorial_Styling_Creative Direction // KeKe (momimadeit)// Jan 2019

Glamour Germany // weusedtobethecoolkids x KlitClique // 2018

MISSY MAGAZINE // Styling for KlitClique // June 2018

Knit wear (collection_weusedtobethecoolkids) published in Maxima Magazine // styled by Max Märzinger // Nov 2017

Knit wear (collection_weusedtobethecoolkids) published in HUF Magazine // KALT by Vrinda Jelinek // Oct 2017


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